Top 7 Essential Content Marketing Tools You Need in 2017

Content marketing has arrived in an era where automation plays a major role in its success. It continues to change rapidly due to the ever-evolving consumer demands, new technologies, and other cultural and business trends. With the right automation tools, changes can be tracked immediately; thus content can be created to suit the new trends or requirements.

This being said, if you’re a content marketer or a business relying on content marketing to attract traffic and generate new leads, optimizing and upgrading your tools would greatly affect the bottom line. It’s simply inevitable. You either adapt or perish.

According to Shane Snow, the founder of Contently, making your content marketing efforts more successful requires one thing: strategically developed storytelling that is data-optimized.

There are three important components involved: storytelling mastery, data-optimized content, and proven strategic thinking. The right automation and analytics tools would greatly help in creating impactful native content, which is the core of today’s marketing.

With the right tools, these components can be fulfilled with data-driven solutions. Seven top tools to assist in your content marketing journey are presented below. They are SaaS (software as a service), thus you can use them immediately upon registration. Just connect your CMS and social media platforms to start using them. It has never been this convenient to make viral marketing content.

1. Contentful

This content management development platform enables the web and mobile content developers to integrate and deliver unique content to any device or service that can connect to an API. This means you can focus in creating content instead of worrying about the delivery technology.

2. Almighty.Press

Almighty Force™ algorithm sorts through the clutter of all world news and web stories in real time. It identifies trending content within minutes of the content being published, so you’d be able to curate viral stories before they even go viral. It’s definitely an invaluable tool for content marketers who create stories around pre-viral content in order to ride the virality wave.

3. Monetate

Monetate is an intelligent personalization engine to make your content personalized to each visitor at any point of interaction. It provides automated recommendations of products based on clicked products or categories of interest. It also offers advanced A/B testing, multiple increment changes, and other targeting functionalities.

4. Olapic

Olapic aggregates and analyzes images submitted by users on various social media networks, including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Next, it uses a sophisticated curation system that combines both machine algorithm and human editors. With this tool, you’d be able to identify which images are best suited for telling stories aimed at specific audiences.

5. SnapApp

It’s a simple drag-and-drop content marketing platform allowing users to create, publish, and manage interactive, such as infographics, quizzes, contests, and calculators. SnapApp also provides analytics to measure audience interactions with content, so you’d know which content works better. Some marketer users attest that the platform is fully customizable without requiring any assistance from the development team.

6. Sales Panda

Sales Panda is an automated inbound marketing tool providing these features among others: content editing, CMS, landing pages, engagement windows, forms and CTAs, and lead nurturing. The solutions are designed for B2B and B2C across multiple industries, including education, real estate, finance, IT, professional services, and others. It focuses on ensuring your content looks good and works well to attract high-quality traffic.

7. Webtrends

It’s a web analytics tool for measuring and optimizing digital campaigns. The features include analytic intelligence including customer intelligence and behavioral segmentation, targeting and scoring, and more. What does it optimize? Landing pages, contact forms, A/B testing, mobile and email optimization, and many others. You can choose the self-service, the full service, or the hybrid program.


The content marketing landscape changes rapidly as users are getting more informed and educated. Shopping and living habits have also changed, which influence how marketers promote products and services. With native content being the prima donna in today’s marketing, the more sophisticated the available measurement and detection tools are, the better. The above seven essential tools would take your content marketing to the next level for sure. Aim for creating viral content!

Jennifer Xue is an award-winning author, columnist, and serial entrepreneur. She has published 2,000 articles and 100 e-books/reports with proven record in brand awareness, lead generation, and revenue increase. She can be reached at Follow her Twitter @jenxuewrites

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  1. Great articles and tools. Thank you Jennifer for sharing it with us.
    I already following the webtrends. But still i will say that using the trends will help only those who gets a good rank among the SE otherwise they have to wait for long.

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