Almighty.Press – The Evolution of your Content Marketing Strategy

What if you could not only be the first to identify viral news articles, but also be the first to publish and distribute that content within minutes of discovery? What if you totally automated your publishing process from inception to delivery?

Introducing Almighty.press. Identify, Curate, and Schedule Trending Content. Before it’s Trending!

1. Identify trending content.
2. Curate that content to your own blogs. (WordPress, Medium, Tumblr, and Custom CMS via our API)
3. Schedule that content to all of your social platforms. (with Buffer, IFTTT and Zapier integrations)
4. Schedule and deliver push notifications directly to your audience. (with PushWoosh and PushCrew integration)

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The time has come to reclaim your social reach…

In today’s world of instant content distribution, viral topics are becoming saturated at an incredibly fast rate. Old news is simply frowned upon by social media and ever changing social algorithms are making that alarmingly clear.

Social networks have been pounded with fake or rehashed content which has forced them to use any means necessary to control the traffic bleeding. The aftermath has left content creators across the net scrambling to keep up with the latest algorithm change.

Facebook aims to corner big news into adopting products which gives there audiences even less reasons to ever leave Facebook. This can only lead to one outcome. Facebook will eventually fully control news media and simply wipe non partnered or smaller publishers off the map with deleted fan pages and reduced reach. Even now publishers are being bribed with engagements to join platforms like Instant Articles and live video monetization. This will essentially in our opinion will lead to the containment of a large percentage of our society under one massive, heavily censored social news media ecosystem.

It’s time for the media to make a pressing change. Fellow publishers, it’s time we take back control of the internet and no longer rely on traffic rations scarcely distributed by online giants.

Introducing Almighty.Press

Identify, Curate, and Schedule Trending Content. Before it’s Trending!

Real time tracking of news sites, blogs, and journals.

Almighty.Press - The Only Content Marketing Tool You Need

The Almighty Force Algorithm identifies potentially trending content from the largest to the smallest of news sources within minutes of the content being published.

This allows you to curate and track trending content before it is saturated and deliver it to your audience hours, if not days, before your competitors.

Filter content by URL(s), keywords, time, interactions, and our Almighty Force Algorithm.

Almighty.Press - The Only Content Marketing Tool You Need

Create and save your own presets by adding your own favored content sources and keywords. Use our Almighty Force Algorithm to identify content with high social reach.

Instantly Curate Content Directly to your Website or Blog.

Almighty.Press - The Only Content Marketing Tool You Need

Almighty.Press enables bloggers, editors, journalist, businesses, and news media agencies to capture data-backed content fast and efficiently. Our simple, powerful platform automates the story finding process while narrowing the time gap between identifying viral content, and distributing that content to your audience.

Seamlessly Schedule Curated Content to Your Social Outlets

Almighty.Press integrates with Buffer, IFTTT, and Zapier to enable you to schedule all of your social assets. Almighty.Press also supports integration with push notification service “Push Woosh” and “Push Crew” to schedule push notifications to your users.

Detailed Historical Social Data

Almighty.Press - The Only Content Marketing Tool You Need

Our team of senior media professionals, software engineers and data scientist enable you to cut through the clutter and focus on info backed content picks that will guarantee higher engagement counts.

Identify, Curate, and Schedule Trending Content. Before it’s Trending.

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CMO at Almighty.Press - Marketing and social media strategist for Almighty.Press, with over 15 years experience in online marketing and social media. I have been described as a "Swiss Army Knife" by those who work with me and "Addicted to Fishing" by those who know me best.

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