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All publishers know the importance of identifying and covering trending topics as quickly as possible. The first handful of websites to cover a topic that is beginning to go viral will be the ones who reap the largest rewards.

Before the release of the platform, monitoring content for viral potential was a time-intensive, repetitive task. It often relied on guesstimates and manually monitoring competitors and influencers. Most publishers at some point in their careers will have had content with true viral potential slip past them, going unnoticed until it was too late.

However now does all the work for you, including tracking, identification, curation, and publication. Here is our helpful guide for publishers new to the platform to help you get the most out of the system.

Create Comprehensive Newsfeeds
Create Comprehensive Newsfeeds

Step 1: Create Comprehensive Newsfeeds tracks over 2 million new articles per month, tracking engagements from each new article several times a day. A simple search on the platform returns content with viral potential in almost any vertical.

To create a comprehensive newsfeed, simply enter niche keywords or domain names into the filter box shown above. Then click the ‘Add Filter’ button to retrieve matching content.

With a little creativity, the sky’s the limit here. Keyword or topic based newsfeeds can be used in a multitude of ways. The first and most obvious way is to track high level keywords that encompass your niche in general. So for example if you are in the finance niche you could track macro keywords like “loans” or “stock market”. Creating a single newsfeed on topics like this will ensure that you find the biggest vertical wide stories as soon as they start to become popular.

A second method is to create highly targeted newsfeeds that are related to a particular sub niche in your industry. This works especially well if you track topics that are incredibly valuable to you in terms of RPM. For example, If the mentioned hypothetical finance website usually has a very high RPM on content related to “IPOs,” we would want to track that separately to filter every single page view on that topic.

When comparing the two newsfeed methods, the high level keyword filter will return content with a higher potential to go viral. The targeted sub-niche keyword filter, provides content with higher RPM.

Track Competitors In Your Niche
Track Competitors In Your Niche

Step 2: Track Competitors In Your Niche

Once you have set up newsfeeds that cover a variety of topics in your vertical, it’s time to start tracking competitors.

It is important to regularly monitor the current trending topics that your competitors are covering. If everyone else in your industry is talking about something, your visitors may wonder why you are the only one that is not covering these topics.

With it is simple to automate this process. We utilize the platform’s various filters to create fully customized newsfeeds to track the content your competitors are publishing. Then with a single glance, you can see the highest performing content of your competitor’s in real time.

Pro tip: if the platform does not already track your competitor’s websites, let us know! With the click of a button, can track any website that has a RSS feed.

Identify Content With Viral Potential
Identify Content With Viral Potential

Step 3: Identify Content With Viral Potential

Once you have set up a comprehensive content tracking system, it’s time to start identifying content with viral potential.

The Almighty Force algorithm will analyze numerous metrics about each individual page several times a day. You no longer need to spend time analyzing thousands of variables and guesstimating an article’s overall viral potential. The process is all automated for you by the system which is based upon years of manual experience and research. The result of this in-depth analysis is displayed via a single figure, the Almighty Force Score.

It’s now easy to sort through these articles with a single glance, the higher the score – the greater the viral potential. The scores change over time, and as the viral wave begins to slow down the score will decrease. So If you see content with a very high score within a recent time frame, it’s probably a good idea to consider publishing something on the topic immediately before it becomes saturated. Almighty Force is calculated from the very first engagement, seconds after an article is distributed. Business and Enterprise users have the added value of the real time 15 minute feed.

If you want to get the most out of the platform it is imperative that you do not overlook articles that have low engagements but high Almighty Force. By utilizing historical graph data you can assess if content is rapidly gaining traction and is still below its maximum viral potential. Check for large increases in score over a short period of time, as this is indicative of content that is just starting to trend. These are topics you should be covering as soon as possible.

Craft A Clickable Headline
Craft A Clickable Headline

Step 4: Craft A Clickable Headline

It’s well known that the majority of people that see your headline will not actually click through to your article. Crafting a catchy, and intriguing title can be the difference between content that goes viral, and content that flops.

Crafting a title that will encourage clicks, but that will also be SEO friendly is a skill that is a mixture of art and science. Doing it properly requires significant research and hard-earned experience.

When you have decided on an article to curate, try doing a manual search on to see who is covering the same topic. Look at the various different title formats and combine elements of the most successful ones to create a title that can potentially send your CTR through the roof.

Create Your Post
Create Your Post

Step 5: Create Your Post

Actually creating the post you want to publish was once the most time-consuming task in a publishers workflow. However, now it is one of the quickest parts of the process with

You can view all of the websites who have published articles on the topic you are covering without ever having to leave the platform. Analyze the most successful ones, and curate features you like from them to make the article the best It can be.

Seamless and simple integration with WordPress, Medium, and Tumblr is available from the platforms config panel. With just a single click you can automatically curate the content from the article into a fully featured editor window you will already be familiar with.

After clicking the curate button, you can begin crafting your post using the editor. Once the article is ready for release you can schedule the post, save it as a draft, or publish it instantly from the dashboard.

Step 6: Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Proper attribution of sources is imperative for the modern publisher. This is why handles citation for you automatically. A simple checkbox option can be selected when curating any post which will ensure proper credit is given to the original article using industry standard notation. It is up to the user to provide unique content and images for the curated article.

With the amount of fake news on the internet these days, visitors like to see that the content they are reading is real and backed up with references. This is especially true for people thinking about whether to share an article or not. Everybody knows someone on their Facebook newsfeed that occasionally shares obviously fake articles, and nobody wants to be that guy (or girl).

Properly citing your articles sources will do wonders for your websites credibility, and will make your visitors decision to share a much easier one.

Keeping Up With The Evolution Of Content Publication

Social media has grown faster than anyone could have ever predicted. Social content marketing strategies have continuously evolved since the inception of the share button. Back in the day simply publishing good content and encouraging people to share it was a good enough recipe for success.

However those days are long behind us, competition has increased, social giants are entering the media arena, and users are much more discerning as to what they will share. takes the guesswork out this part of a publishers workflow. Now you can find content that has already been proven to have viral potential minutes after it has been first published.

The entire workflow of the publisher has been reimagined and redesigned with the platform. You can curate or draft a fully referenced version of a potentially viral article with a single click, and then publish it without ever leaving the dashboard.

What was once a long, delayed, and inaccurate process, is now a streamlined pleasure that produces results time, and time again.

We will be the unfair advantage you have over your competitors. Give us a shot and try for free.

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