A Quick Guide to Content Marketing Terminology

Puzzled by Permission Marketing? Lost between a Bad Neighborhood and the Blogosphere? Always wanted to know the difference between a Brand Terrorist and The Sales Lion?

Check out our quick glossary and get a grip on some of the most common (if sometimes confusing) terms and phrases being used in the content marketing industry today.


A/B Testing

Evaluation method used to test two versions of the same website.

Above the fold

Area of a web page visible without having to scroll


An accessible website is one that is compatible with all browsers and devices


Project management methodology that prioritizes responsiveness and flexibility


Google service which obtains information and insight via the analysis of data


Written content. Usually in an informative style and on a specific topic

Article Marketing

Marketing strategy that attracts visitors to a website by creating and publishing articles


The use of fake user comments and reviews to promote a product


The process of identifying actions or channels that led to a successful result

Audit and Mapping

Content strategy process that audits current content and maps content against buyers stages



Renowned SEO and marketing blog by Brian Dean

Bad Neighborhoods

A website that uses dubious SEO methods such as cloaking or link farming

Black Hat SEO

Disreputable and dishonest SEO tactics


Collective term for the blogging community-includes blogs, readers, and writers

Bottom Of The Funnel

The last stage of the sales funnel where leads become customers

Brand Evangelist

A customer with strong, positive feelings for a brand

Brand Terrorist

The opposite of a brand evangelist

Business Bolts*

SEO and business training blog run by Lisa Parmley


Collective excitement and interest generated by an event or news item



Popular SEO blog from Richard Marriott

Click Fraud

Automated script to produce dishonest clicks on pay-per-click adverts


Dishonest SEO tactic for indexing purposes

Content Brief

Document created before the content development begins

Content Marketing Institute*

Popular blog and training resource founded by Joe Pulizzi

Content Shock

The idea that a high volume of content could overexpose users and devalue that content

Conversion Funnel

Representation of a lead’s relationship with a brand from potential prospect to actual conversion


Popular blog and provider of content marketing products from Brian Clark

Crowdsourced Content

Content produced by an audience of independent interested and expert users


Data Extraction

The process of taking data from various sources like archived emails and ebooks

Data-Backed Content

Data, which supports claims made in a piece of content

Deep Links

Links, which point to, pages other than a home or landing page

Device Detection

Identification of a device used to access a web page

Disavow Tool

Tool to tell Google which sites and links you do not wish to be associated with

Domain Authority

Measure of the level of trust a search engine places in a website

Drop Out Rate

Measure of the conversion success levels of websites or ad campaigns


Open source content managing system popular in not-for-profit and other charity sectors

Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Advertising tactic by which search terms used to find a website are incorporated in on-page ads


Earned Media

Publicity achieved without paid advertising. Also called ‘free media’


Online commercial transactions carried out through an Internet-based store or online shop

Editorial Brief

Document outlining what is required to create a particular piece of content


Code blocks which allow images, videos and other content to be viewed by website visitors

Entrepreneurs On Fire*

Daily podcast from John Lee Dumas featuring interviews with global entrepreneurs


Earnings per click is a measure of affiliate marketing success or failure

Evergreen Content

Content that retains its quality and value of long periods of time

Experimental Content

Any content created in a style not considered the norm

External Linking

Links between websites


Facebook Marketing

Marketing strategy designed for use on the Facebook social media platform


Long-form content that delivers subjective views and/or a detailed analysis of a topic

Feed Reader

RSS feeds compilation service


High profile hub for online business training


A combination of the words fake and blog

Focus Group

Market research method that brings a sample audience together to gather opinions


The consideration of how often content should be published

Fresh Content

New content encourages readers to return to a website and helps with Google’s ranking system

Freshness Algorithm

Google algorithm, which returns the most recent content relevant to a search query


Gain Higher Ground*

Popular business training blog by Rob Cornish

Geographical Targeting

Analysis of the geographical location of web page visitors

Google Adwords

Advertising service which shows relevant ads on Google’s search results page

Google Analytics

Service that provides statistical data which can be used to measure the success of a website

Google News

News aggregation service that allows users to search for specific news items

Google Search Algorithm

Rules and complex formulae to provide Google users with the most relevant search results


Social network from Google

Grey Hat SEO

Practices that push the limits of honest search engine optimization


Uprising or change in public sentiment or feeling


Habitual Decision Making

Behavioral term used to describe purchases consumers make without ‘shopping around’

Hard Bounce

Undelivered email due to an issue such as an incorrectly spelled email address


A hashtag enables a user to tag content, comments, and tweets on social media

Heading Tags

Elements of HTML that identify headings on web pages

Heat Map

Web design tool that shows how users interact with a website

Hidden Objection

Sales term describing a user’s unvoiced reasons for the non-purchase of a product or service

Hidden Text

A black hat SEO technique that hides text on a website. Often penalized


The main or central page of a website which generally forms a basic introduction to the company


All-in-one platform and software for inbound marketing


Ignite Social Media*

Jim Tobin’s social media agency in North Carolina


Each view of a web page or advertisement by an individual user

Impression Fraud

Impressions of an advert, which are falsely generated

Inbound Link

A link from an external website that leads back to yours


People with high profiles in particular fields

Integrated Marketing

Marketing strategy that combines various marketing techniques and mediums

Internal Link

Link between pages of the same website

IP Address

The Internet Protocol Address is a unique number used to identify computers in a network


Interaction Design attempts to understand and resolve issues with human/computer interaction



Specialized words used within a specific sector or field of industry


Commonly used programming language


Short for ‘Just in Time’

Job Lot

Informal term for a diverse grouping of stock or products

Joint Demand

The demand for a product that is influenced by the demand for another product

Joint Venture

An alliance or an arrangement between two companies

Judgment Sample

Method of market research whereby a non-random sample is selected per expert opinion


Conference or event where members of the media are brought together to create publicity

Junk mail

Unsolicited marketing emails. Also known as spam



Japanese term, which describes a philosophy of perpetual improvement

Keep-Out Pricing

Pricing strategy where companies charge deliberately low prices to limit competition

KEI Analysis

Keyword Effectiveness Index. It’s a measure of a keyword’s value

Key Performance Indicator

KPI’s are indicators of how well a business is doing.


Word or words typed into a search engine by a user to find websites of interest

Keyword Density

Measure of the volume of keywords used in one piece of content

KISS Principle

Keep It Simple, Stupid. A reminder that the best solutions are also the simplest


Online service that represents a brand’s influence on social media (Klout score)

Knocking Copy

Content or advertising which criticizes the products of their competitors


Landing Page

Webpage designed to capture a visitor’s contact details

Lead Generation

Actively finding new and prospective customers

Lead Nurturing

Process of interacting with leads in an attempt at conversion

Lean Content

Content creation that prioritizes minimization, impact, and effectiveness

Link Building

Techniques and activities used by online marketers to generate inbound links

Link Exchange

Websites that agree to place links to each others web pages

Link Popularity

Search engine measurement based on the number and quality of a website’s inbound links

Link Reclamation

Identification and correction of broken links

Long-Tail Keywords

Long and specific keyword phrases for more specific search results


Marketing Automation

Use of software to manage repetitive tasks and automate aspects of the marketing process


Popular online technology and media blog


Usually, an image or phrase quickly passed from person to person on social media

Meta Data

General term for data, which describes other data

Meta Search Engines

Tools, which allow a query to be, sent on multiple search engines simultaneously


Measure used to evaluate success


Sharing of short and frequent news items and messages

Middle Of The Funnel

Intermediate section of the ‘sales funnel’


Ultimate goal of most marketing activities


Narrow And Deep

Content approach in which a narrow range of topics are covered in great detail

Need Profiling

Report of a customer’s requirements


Online social conventions that do not exist offline

New Visitor

Website visitor who has not previously visited


Taking advantage of current events by posting content that relates to a breaking news story

New-To-The-World Product

Product, which is unlike any other existing product

Niche Marketing

Marketing focused on niche audiences and areas

NoFollow Link

HTML that tells search engines to ignore a link when calculating page rank


Relating to the naming of things, e.g. product names, menu options and feature names in software



Incentives such as an eBook offered in return for a user signing up for a newsletter


Retail strategy that puts the user in the center of a cross-channel experience

Online Reputation Management

Management of a brand’s or company’s online reputation

Open Rate

Measure of the number of emails sent in an email marketing campaign that are actually opened

Open Source

Freely available source code that can be used and adapted by other developers

Open Search

Data formats and technology that allows the syndication and aggregation of search results

Organic Search

Web pages returned by search engines because of how well they match a query

Original Content

New and unique content, useful for website visitors and favored by search engines


The active engagement with visitors and prospects

Owner Media

Content delivered via a company’s own marketing channels such as a blog or by email


Page Exit Ratio

Measure of how many visitors leave a web page in relation to the number of page views

Page Title

Heading that describes the content on a web page

Page Views Per Visit

Measure to assess interest and navigation levels of a website by comparing page visit numbers

Paid Inclusion

SEO technique by which websites pay to be indexed by search engines

Permission Marketing

Marketing that takes place only when a prospect has given their express permission


A method of customizing content e.g. addressing a person by their first name in an email


Fraudulent practice by which users are directed to websites that try to capture personal details


Illegal act of taking someone else’s content and using it as your own


Software to extend the functionality of another piece of software, which is also called add-ons

Promoted Content

Content, which a company has been paid for to appear on a third-party web page.

Pushing Social

Digital marketing and social media blog run by Stan Smith


Qualified Lead

Contact details of a prospect that has shown an interest in the purchase of a product

Qualified Traffic

Website visitors who are genuinely interested in the services or products offered on that website

Quality Controls

Policies and processes put in place to ensure content is of the required quality

Quality Creep

Improvements to a product, which over time make the product too expensive


Company providing details of website traffic and visitor demographics


The frequency of which content is published on the web


Word or words typed into a search engine


Online business blog founded by Neil Patel


Layout of most Latin-alphabet keyboards used in western countries



Position at which a web page is displayed in search engine results

Rational Appeals In Advertising

Advertising strategy for highlighting practical reasons for purchasing a product


Extent to which the public sees an advert

Repeat Visitor

User who has previously visited a website, usually within a defined time period

Reputation Capital

A kind of business asset comprising consumer trust and product quality

Responsive Design

Web design that ensures web pages are viewable on a wide range of devices

Revenue Share

Earnings shared between affiliates

Right To Be Forgotten

Privacy protection policy that allows users to delete content or data relating to their person


File, which instructs search engine robots how to search a web page


Really Simple Syndication feeds gather and compile content from a variety of sources



Firefox plug-in, which provides information on a website’s performance


Initial distribution of a specific marketing message to a small group of users

Short URL

Shortened version of a web page address, often used on Twitter where space is limited

Smart Passive Income*

Online business and marketing blog run by Pat Flynn

Soft Bounce

Delivery failure of an email due to temporary reasons such as a full inbox


Name given to a program used by search engines to discover and index web pages

Sponsored Links

Paid-for search results used as advertising


The process of building narrative and emotion into content

Sweating Your Content Assets

Term, which refers to getting the maximum value out of existing content

Syndicated Content

Content from one provider, which is made available to subscribing websites. See RSS



Open pages in a web browser

Tentpole Content

High-value content which draws traffic to a web page and helps them discover less visible items

The Sales Lion*

Popular content marketing blog run by Marcus Sheridan

Top Of The Funnel

The first stage of the ‘sales funnel’

TopRank Blog*

Renowned marketing blog from Lee Odden


Reporting and monitoring on a marketing campaign


Allows website and blog owners to know when another blog or website has linked to their content


Another name for a spider. Also called a robot


Disparaging term for a user who deliberately posts disruptive comments or articles


Combination of the words Twitter and webinar, a comment to a broadcast or webinar via Twitter


Ultimate User

Consumer/user of a product

Unique Content

Original content, valuable to website visitor and helps in search engine rankings

Unique Visitors

Number of different visitors who have viewed a web page in a specific time period

Universal Search

Search which produces results containing content in different formats and from different sources


Operating system used by Internet servers


A measure of how easy it is for a visitor to navigate a website

User Acceptance Testing

Process of testing if new products, services or features can be used as they were intended

User Experience

Also known as UX, the experiences and feelings a person has when using a product or website

User Research

Exploration and analysis of current users and their experiences

User Testing

Process of testing that the user can actually operate or utilize a product as intended


Vampire Effect

Effect by which only parts of an advert can be remembered by a user, but not the whole

Veblen Effect

Irrational consumer behavior where expensive products are preferred over cheaper equivalents

Vertical Channel Conflict

Disagreement between the various phases of a marketing channel

Vertical Search

Specialized search engine that searches a very narrow range of content

Video Marketing

Use of video to market a brand or product


The likelihood that a piece of content will go viral

Visit Duration

Length of time a visitor spends on a web page

Visitor Referrer

External website from which a visitor arrives on a web page


Blog consisting of a video post rather than a text


Web 2.0

Internet technology and usage that started at the end of the 1990’s

Web Analytics

Collection and analysis of web-related information and data

Web Application

Software tool or product, which is accessed and used within a web browser

Web Content

Written articles, images and video files that are accessible online

Web Presence

Website and social media accounts of companies visible on the Internet


Online seminar usually in the form of video conferencing

White Hat SEO

Legitimate search engine optimization methods

Whitepaper Marketing

Long form content typically reporting on a specific topic

Word Of Mouse

Distribution of news, information and content on the Internet


Popular online blog and website builder


Keyword research service



Extensible markup language, which allows structured documents to be transferred between apps

XML Feeds

Use of the XML language, which performs similarly to an RSS feed

XML Sitemap

XML file that lists all the pages on a website



Search engine founded in 1994

Yield Management

Pricing strategy using flexible pricing and an understanding of user behavior


Content marketing philosophy, which involves helping consumers, and not just selling a product


Z Chart

Chart frequently used in businesses that plot sales over a year


From the German, translates as ‘spirit of the age’


Software plug-in that suggests links to relevant content

Zero Level Channel

Marketing channel by which a manufacturer sells directly to a consumer


Online platform that acts as a content marketplace

Zone Pricing

Pricing strategy whereby prices are influenced by the consumer’s location

Of course, content marketing is such a diverse and complex subject we couldn’t include every term or phrase associated with the industry. We have tried to bring the most interesting and relevant terms but if you have any suggestions regarding what we’ve left out, feel free to drop us a line and let us know.

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