9 Lesser-Known Indispensable Blogging Tools

As a writer and blogger, I write 8 to 10 hours every business day. I write articles for clients, magazines, newspapers, and online publications. I also write for my own blogs and self-published e-books. Thankfully, there are tools that can keep me going productively.

Here are 9 tools that I use and recommend bloggers and writers to use as well. Some of them aren’t that popular, but incredibly useful.

1. Toggl: Time Tracker

Move over, Pomodoro. Not that we don’t love tomatoes, but because there is a more fun way to track time and productivity: Toggl. It allows you to add a task, push the Start button, and check back to see the stats on how you’ve been spending your time. With Toggl, you’d be able to record how much time you’ve spent researching, writing, and distributing your content.

2. Almighty.Press: Pre-viral Article Curator

You’d need topics that are likely to go viral. Otherwise, what’s the point of online publishing? Almighty.Press‘ special algorithms allow you to search for and curate pre-viral news and articles, so you can use them as references or have them re-packaged as a fresh article. Knowing that the topic you’re writing about has a high virality possibility, you’d have the extra confidence to write.

3. EMZ: Emotional Headline Analyzer

Another important element of a piece of viral content is how the headline triggers certain emotions, which has been affirmed by neuroscientists and marketing professors. Advanced Marketing Institute with its emotional headline analyzer allows you to know in advance whether the headline has any “virality potential.”

4. iA Writer: Distraction-Free Typing App

Serious writers should use distraction-free text composer that encourages the state of flow to emerge. Using a complex word processor like Microsoft Word oftentimes distracts writers from their own thoughts and ideas. So, instead of thinking deeply, they worry about spacing, margins, rulers, and other automatic features.

5. Hemingway: Reading Level Checker

Most novels are written at the 7th-grade reading level and newspapers at the 11th. Ideally, a blog post is written at the 7th to 9th-grade reading level. With Hemingway app, you’d be able to see your work’s reading level. It also provides suggestions on which areas to revise, so you can reach the reading level intended. If you don’t use iA Writer, Hemingway is also a good distraction-free typing app.

6. Grammarly: Grammar Checker and Web Plagiarism Checker

After your article is completed, check for grammatical errors and typos with Grammarly. You’d be amazed at how many errors –both major and minor– you’ve made. Sometimes, we type what we hear subconsciously, resulting in homophonic words, like their, there, and they’re. Grammarly is your friend when you don’t want to embarrass yourself with silly errors. It also comes with a plagiarism checker, so you don’t need to copy and paste texts to Copyscape.

7. ProWritingAid: Style/Grammar Checker and Database Plagiarism Checker

ProWritingAid is more advanced than Grammarly and ideal for academic and scientific writers, even though anyone can use it as well. It checks your work’s style, grammar, overused words, cliches, stickiness, diction, repeats, combo, length, pronouns, alliteration, homonym, transition, thesaurus, and plagiarism. The plagiarism checker is more powerful than Grammarly’s as it also checks across academic and private databases.

8. PromoRepublic: Social Media Image Creator and Scheduler

PromoRepublic is like Canva, HootSuite, and Buffer combined and more. It comes with a calendar containing special days in a year. Guess what? Every single day is a special day. For instance, October 5th is National Do Something Nice Day, in addition to World Teacher’s Day. It also comes with statistics to measure how your scheduled posts performed.

9. Viral Loops: Viral and Referral Marketing

Another tool to help your blog post goes viral is Viral Loops. You can create share invites, referrals, and pre-launch programs. It’s especially useful when you’re creating a new blog publication or selling downloadable products. You can use well-written blog posts to grow a business. Moreover, Viral Loops provides the extra marketing tool needed to ensure reaching a “viral” status.

Last but not least, blogging is a proven way to build a business. Also, writing blog posts and articles is an indispensable skill in this online environment, because almost everything is delivered with written words. Using smart tools will only take your writing to the next level.

Jennifer Xue is an award-winning author, columnist, and serial entrepreneur. She has published 2,000 articles and 100 e-books/reports with proven record in brand awareness, lead generation, and revenue increase. She can be reached at JenniferXue.com. Follow her Twitter @jenxuewrites

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