9 Invaluable Tools for Journalists

Today, journalists can literally write and broadcast stories from anywhere in the world. As long as you have an Internet connection and reliable gadgets and online tools, you’re good to go.

Below, we’ll discuss top 9 invaluable tools for modern journalists. Either you’re a journalist working for a publication or a self-professed citizen journalist, you’ll find these tools indispensable.

Cloud-Based Tools

Data Portals

Find preliminary data about a place, covering its general socio-economic statistics, and government performance from this portal of portals. There are 524 data portals available from every continent at the moment, covering many countries, states, provinces, and cities. Quite an impressive collection for a starting point.

Journalist’s Toolbox

Constantly updated on a daily basis, this site features a super long list of resources for journalists. Do you know that there are drone rules for a journalist? How should you approach numbers in articles? What are the myths and facts about food and agriculture? Where can you find data visualization information? How should you protect yourself in covering demos? Moreover, thousands of other useful resources for journalists who are hunting for stories professionally and ethically.


If you’re writing about an event and must be updated at all times, Storify is a lifesaver. You can search through multiple social media networks from Storify dashboard and drag each element into your story. It’s a very useful curation tool for journalists who work on the road. For instance, you’re writing a story about Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. You simply search with the related terms. Once you’ve received the results from popular social media networks, you can browse and curate them directly to be used in the story.


Update yourself continuously on the viral and pre-viral news. If you cover a specific beat or topic, it’s an ideal online tool that you can use anywhere. You can search and be notified when your search terms make a hit in news articles that are likely to get viral soon. This way, you can properly curate and create fresh stories early before other journalists do. It’s like having tomorrow’s newspaper delivered today.

Audio Boom

If you’re a citizen journalist, Audioboom can take your podcast to the next level. With the lowest level package, you can publish up to 5 episodes per month that are played up to 10,000 times and distributed via iHeartRadio, Spotify, GooglePlay, and Stitcher. You now have your own widely-listened show.

Gadgets and Apps

Sound Note

Never ever again you’d miss important points in an interview, as you can type, draw, and record simultaneously. When playing back a recording, tap a word used in the interview so that it can bring you directly to that point in the audio file. Convenience is an understatement.


Livescribe 3 is a smartphone that uses Bluetooth Smart technology to send what you’ve written to your smartphone or tablet. You can easily write down information on a piece of paper. Your handwritten notes instantly appear on tablet or smartphone, which can be turned into texts with a few clicks. The accompanying app can also record audio as you write, which is ideal to be used in an interview.


Limecraft Transcriber’s Speech-to-Text technology to help you transcribe and pre-cut a piece of digital content. It’s all automated. You just play an audio; it will do the rest. You can edit the transcription draft when it’s being processed so that the final result can be error-free. The output file formats can be PDF, CSV, or other popular video editing formats.


You can create professionally-edited short videos with a smartphone and Videolicious, which is extremely useful for blogs or YouTube channels. Logos and watermarks can be added automatically. The site provides tutorials on creating various types of professional videos using your smartphone, including thought leadership, entertainment event, strike, healthcare, and social issue videos.

In conclusion, there are many online tools and gadgets for journalists out there. They can help with capturing, processing, and editing information conveniently anywhere. Today is the best time to be a journalist. As long as you have an Internet connection and reliable tools and gadgets, the world is your oyster.

Jennifer Xue is an award-winning author, columnist, and serial entrepreneur. She has published 2,000 articles and 100 e-books/reports with proven record in brand awareness, lead generation, and revenue increase. She can be reached at JenniferXue.com. Follow her Twitter @jenxuewrites

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