8 Simple Steps To Help Your Content Go Viral

Every marketer or writer dreams of having a piece of their content to go viral. Having millions of people hitting your website and sharing your content is a truly satisfying feeling. There are many examples of successful marketing campaigns that we can analyze and built a blueprint for going viral and going viral on a consistent basis.

With so much fresh content available on a daily basis the chances of going viral by pure luck are getting slimmer as each day goes by. Users are overwhelmed with choice when they scroll through their news feeds. Yes its true that a lot of seemingly random content is going viral these days, but there is a lot more going on than meets the eye. The viral marketing campaigns we see today are the results of a very carefully planned and executed plan that is far more calculated than you would first think.

1. Know The Audience

Viral content by definition is something that reaches a truly massive audience. But that does not mean that the content is created with pleasing “everyone” in mind. Content is more likely to be shared when it is well targeted to a specific audience.

Ask yourself “who is my audience?” Think about the kind of content your audience will like. Research some blogs in your niche and find out what content they produced in the past has done will with their audience. Almighty.press is a great tool for researching content that has performed well in the past. It can also help you to find content with the best possibility of trending by using our Almighty Force Score.

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2. Make Emotional Connections

Give your content some emotion. If you can craft content that is compelling enough to provoke an emotion from your reader then you are already onto a winner. Try to make the reader feel some level of joy, anger, outrage or awe. Stay away from apathy and always ensure you are not boring your readers. By definition, a compelling story is an emotional story that connects in a way that tugs at the heartstrings and makes the audience feel the story personally.

Think about how you can use more emotional visuals and words in your content to help increase your chances of going viral.


3. Make Sharing Part of the Campaign

You don’t need to sit on your hands and wait for your content to go viral. Make it easy for people to share. Ensure you have well placed share buttons embedded within your content and dont be afraid to ask for people to share. Check out this in-depth analysis of share button placement.

For example “Share this with your friends and brighten up their day.”

Content wont go viral if people are not sharing it. Take a lesson from analyzing past viral campaigns and ask for people to share.

4. Get Users Generating Content

User generated content leverages your audience to create content about your product and share their content for you. This makes your audience become part of the campaign and they feel satisfaction from it.

Getting users engaged is part of what pushes content go viral. Making it interactive takes engagement past a simple Facebook share. Users will not only be sharing content about your product but they will be recruiting their friends in the process. More people will start sharing as interest builds around your campaign.


5. People Like To Share Content That’s Useful

This often gets overlooked, but people love to share useful content. Creating useful content that is relevant is a great way to improve your chances of a viral campaign. Creating content that has a practical use ans is actionable will put you in pole position for a successful campaign.

6. Good Timing Helps

Its well documented that the worst time to kick start a viral campaign is on a Friday and over the weekend. Most people share content towards the start of the week. Most people are on Facebook of an evening and that’s when they are most likely to share some content they found. Thats not to say that most people don’t spend a large portion of their work day secretly playing on their phone, they are often reluctant to share content to their news feed in case their boss see’s that they have been playing on Facebook during work hours. So Monday evening is the best time to introduce your content to the internet.

7. Be Visual

The most efficient and effective way to communicate a message is through visual content. It’s also your best chance to gain the attention of a huge audience.

What types of visual content work?

Infographics are the most frequently shared type of content, they are shared more than lists, how-to articles and videos.

Take great care to ensure that your featured image is perfect. This is the image that will accompany your link when it is shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google and other types of social networks.


8. Find Influencers

Influencers are people who have grown a large active following within their industry. Recruiting influencers can be tricky sometimes and you might need to get creative with your approach.

Getting them to share your content can be a huge stepping stone on the way to going viral, so it is worth putting in the time and effort to find influencers related to your content.

Not everything you write will go viral, despite your very best efforts to make everything right. I have had a lot of stories that truly deserved to go viral but fell on their face and I have had stories go so viral that they made it onto TV. Taking the tips above into consideration will greatly improve the changes of going viral.

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